Sore Band

Sore is one of the famous Indie bands in Indonesia (Sore means late afternoon in English). The genre of their music is unique and it is difficult to explain what kind of music; however, it’s such a really nice music, cozy and jazzy ^_^. Until today, they have released 2 albums from Aksara record. You can read their full profile from this link  Please enjoy some of their video clips and listen how creative Indonesians are in creating beautiful musics 😉



The later video is one of the OMPS from the movie ‘Berbagi Suami’ (Sharing Husband)




This is one of their products:
Crazy horse leather with anti scratch characteristic
EVA oil resistant sole
Tan lamb skin for insole
Embossed eyelets anti cooper color
Wooden box package
IDR 1,375,000.- (around US$ 156)
Zevin is a men casual shoeware manufacturer who are focused on providing the best quality shoeware for men urban lifestyle. The shoes are very expensive but I think you’re not buying the shoes; however, you are buying the luxury and the value 🙂 That’s how creative Indonesians are in designing and branding the shoes 😉 


These are the pictures I took at the Design Museum, London, UK in 2010. The last 3 pictures I took from the references written in the last paragraph 😉

Magno by the Indonesian designer, Singgih Susilo Kartono, Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia.

Brit Insurance Design Award, London
Good Design Award, Tokyo
INDEX design award finalist, Copenhagen
DesignPlus Award, Frankfurt
Designpreis Deutschland (Nominee), Frankfurt
Design for Asia Award – Grand Award, Singapore
International Design Resource Award, Seattle
Indonesia Good Design Selection, Jakarta

Singgih Susilo Kartono with his Magno

The Magno series became a worldwide icon for modern ecodesign and won several
international design-awards. Singgih Susilo Kartono is the designer and 
manufacturer of the wooden radio, which is crafted piece-by-piece in 16 hours.
During his study of product design in Bandung/Indonesia he developed the 
creative base which he realised afterwards by implementing new work methods 
and new ideas of production. 
Today he works with 30 young craftsmen in his home village Temanggung in a 
remote area in Central Java. His company secures the income of local families 
and gives the young workers a professional perspective combined with fair 
social standards. Kartono pays a lot of attention on his long term orientated 
ecological goals and the involvement of the locals. During production each 
member of Singgih’s team uses two trees each year – making a total of 80 
trees a year. Due to a tree nursery on the production ground more than 8000 
trees are being planted in Temanggung and its surrounding which shows that 
a wood manufacturer can be a forest creator as well.

This shows how creative Indonesians are in designing products ;)

The official website:


Steve Jobs: iPad will be release in 2 colours, black & white…

Chicken: Boooo……

Chicken: Too bad… even the first iPad is full colour, how come the second ipad just black & white ?

Steve Jobs: Heyy… you in the corner !!! What I mean is the colour of the casing

Chicken: oopps.. sorry… please keep go’in  !

Chicken: I’m going out for a while !

Boss: Heyy… you !!! Wait !!! Where do you wanna go ?

Chicken: I just wanna find fresh air outside the office, Boss.

Boss: Why do you wanna find it outside ? find it on the Google…

This is a comic strip about chicken that can speak. I find it really funny, even though the author uses just 3 frames (panels). The nick name of the author is Niwatori, which means chicken in Japanese. Most of the topics are about information technology. Now, this comic strip is released as a comic book and you can find it in the famous local book stores in Indonesia (Gramedia).

This shows how creative Indonesians are in creating comic strips 😉

Hmm.. and lastly, this is one of my favourite strips.

The title is “April Fool”, enjoy 



Good news from Indonesia

Have you heard any good news from Indonesia? I am completely doubt you heard any single good news from our country.  This is a news website; but this is not an ordinary news website. This website deliver only good news from Indonesia. We are totally bored with the bad news or negative issues about our country. I believe that too much bad news we heard make our aura worse and full of pessimism.

This website claimed that they are “committed to compiling and sharing only good news from many different sources because we appreciate positiveness and optimism; and especially from Indonesia because we believe our country has a lot of good things to offer. And it is also our intent to show the world of the brighter side of Indonesia so that they can see and understand us in the best possible way.”

This website is such a fantastic idea and this shows how creative Indonesians are in sharing news 😉 So visit and…

…may Indonesia bring the positiveness & optimism to Indonesians and to the world 😉


Jabang Tetuko

This is a modern theatricals about Javanese traditional story, which we call it Human Puppet Show or Pertunjukkan Wayang Orang. The story behind this show is inspired by Indian culture that arrived hundred years ago in Indonesia. Nowadays, this traditional shows are not popular anymore within the young generations in Indonesia.

Fortunately, there are some innovative people who still care about our culture and try to modify and improve this show into a spectacular modern  multimedia performance. It is called multimedia because it combines 4 elemets, namely, Human Puppet (Wayang Orang), Shadow Puppet (wayang kulit), movie and orchestra.

In addition, this performance collaborate with 2 Hollywood figures, such as Deane Ogden (the musical composer from The Surrogates and The Hit List) and Benjamin Rowe as martial arts director ( Transporter, Bad Boys 2, Transformers 3).

So, it is definitely become more entertaining especially for the young generation. This is how creative Indonesians are in preserving our culture 😉



Indievidu is a T-shirt company. The uniqueness of this company is that anyone can be their T-shirt designer. You just need to send your original design through If your design fulfills their criteria, they will make T-shirts using your design. This shows how creative Indonesians are in designing shirts 😉