Jabang Tetuko

This is a modern theatricals about Javanese traditional story, which we call it Human Puppet Show or Pertunjukkan Wayang Orang. The story behind this show is inspired by Indian culture that arrived hundred years ago in Indonesia. Nowadays, this traditional shows are not popular anymore within the young generations in Indonesia.

Fortunately, there are some innovative people who still care about our culture and try to modify and improve this show into a spectacular modern  multimedia performance. It is called multimedia because it combines 4 elemets, namely, Human Puppet (Wayang Orang), Shadow Puppet (wayang kulit), movie and orchestra.

In addition, this performance collaborate with 2 Hollywood figures, such as Deane Ogden (the musical composer from The Surrogates and The Hit List) and Benjamin Rowe as martial arts director ( Transporter, Bad Boys 2, Transformers 3).

So, it is definitely become more entertaining especially for the young generation. This is how creative Indonesians are in preserving our culture 😉





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