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Steve Jobs: iPad will be release in 2 colours, black & white…

Chicken: Boooo……

Chicken: Too bad… even the first iPad is full colour, how come the second ipad just black & white ?

Steve Jobs: Heyy… you in the corner !!! What I mean is the colour of the casing

Chicken: oopps.. sorry… please keep go’in  !

Chicken: I’m going out for a while !

Boss: Heyy… you !!! Wait !!! Where do you wanna go ?

Chicken: I just wanna find fresh air outside the office, Boss.

Boss: Why do you wanna find it outside ? find it on the Google…

This is a comic strip about chicken that can speak. I find it really funny, even though the author uses just 3 frames (panels). The nick name of the author is Niwatori, which means chicken in Japanese. Most of the topics are about information technology. Now, this comic strip is released as a comic book and you can find it in the famous local book stores in Indonesia (Gramedia).

This shows how creative Indonesians are in creating comic strips 😉

Hmm.. and lastly, this is one of my favourite strips.

The title is “April Fool”, enjoy